A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly on photographic paper and exposing it to the light. I use it combined with the technique of contact prints where you place a photo or negative on photographic paper, to make a (negative) copy.

The fun is the direct contact with the photographic materials and chemicals. And the results are quite unpredictable. Although you can make multiple contact prints out of a negative, the results are never exactly the same. I love the combination of making contact prints of my nude art studio pictures with real objects like plants or book pages. I hope you like the result too.

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Two prints of ‘Kate with Royal fern‘ are for sale for 250,- euro.
Signed and numbered (2/3 and 3/3)
Size: 24×30,50cm, 9.5x12inch

The sale of these prints is handled through my Etsy shop.